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All of our DIY products can be found in The Quaint Paint Shop.

The Quaint Paint Shop is the Newest addition to our shop & sister shop. TQPS is where we host all classes, DIY workshops, & carry all DIY furniture & craft projects.

We have the largest DIY furniture & craft paint section in New England, and always have someone in house who is a knowledgeable artist.

FusionMineral Paint 

Our store carries the full line of Fusion Mineral Paint products, consisting of every color - Including the new color line released July 2022

Mélange ONE Paint

We carry the full color line of Mélange ONE paints - an all-in-one paint line, from primer to finish all in one jar. ONE paint offers the richest pigments, an easy-to-use consistency, & over 88 color choices.
We are the only Mélange Retailer in Massachusetts & are bringing in both the full line of Mélange traditional chalk paint, as well as ONE.

Country Chic Chalk Paint

All 66 colors are available to you, whether you are a beginner or experienced painter. Country Chic is a small, locally owned business, with eco-friendly paints, and no VOCS in their paint line. Affordable, recycled containers, bright colors, and primer built in. We also carry Country Chic wax, topcoats, hemp oil, brush cleaner, & paint brushes.

Old Fashioned Milk Paint

Smooth as butter, over 45 colors, create a chippy vintage finish, or a smooth old world charm piece using this line. Milk Paint comes in a powder form, which makes it easy to mix up more paint with no waste what-so-ever, in a re-sealable bag.

Sweet Pickins' Milk Paint

Locally owned & made in the U.S.A, Sweet Pickins' Milk Paint is a smooth formula, used to create an older look & give new life to any piece. We carry every color from this paint line as well as distressing wax bars.

Iron Orchid Design Transfers & Molds

Debi's Design Diary Paint Line

We carry the full line of DIY clay based paint in house, as well as waxes, finishing oils, and top coats. We are continuing to add new product every day.

Zebra Brushes
Redesign With Prima Transfers
Reusable Stencils
Sandpaper Pads 
Surf Prep Sand Pads


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