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Stylish Chandeliers


A One-of-a-kind shopping experience

Walk into Shiplap & Chandeliers and you will immediately awaken your senses. The energy in our store is what we are all about. Creating a unique shopping destination which supports over a hundred small businesses in total, exudes positive vibes, and helps give back to the community is what speaks to us. Come into our shop and see what speaks to you. 

We are always here to help our customers, answer any questions you may have, and exceed expectations, not just as a retail location, but with every interaction we create.

Check below to meet all of our amazing vendors. Make sure to support them by following their businesses pages provided below.


Our Vendors

Red Yarrow Vintage

Vintage linens, craft material and household goods full of life and color

Instagram: @redyarrowvintage                 Contact:

T.C. Thursby Lighting Restorations
At TCT Lighting, everything we do is centered around bringing timeless elegance into your world. A local New England small business founded in 2019, we specialize in refurbishing antique and vintage lighting, including but not limited to: chandeliers, sconces, lamps (singles and pairs), as well as the creation of unique designs. We only use genuine crystal, period appropriate hardware and accessories, and match glass features, using hand blown glass pieces from other local small business. But in addition, we also do private consultations, so please feel free to email us or bring in your problem fixtures, we'd be happy to make them look and shine like new.
Our store front is located right at the front of Shiplap & Chandeliers--you can't miss us! Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at TCTLighting, or by visiting us at


Country Chic Paint
Why Country Chic? Leave the drama of some of the bigger paint brands behind, and use what works best. Country Chic is one of the leading chalk paint brands, with over 62 amazing colors, no VOC's, the texture of a smooth butter, and is one of the six paint lines we carry in our shop. By the way, did we mention, we ALWAYS have someone in the shop to answer your DIY paint needs. You can find us in the paint section of the shop (by the farmhouse table).


Imprints at The Blue Door
We focus on sustainable and reusable products, as well as products that are good from origin, and continue to do better for the earth even after use. Each product contributes to bettering our globe, and all of our products are trade certified, to make sure they are being created with good working conditions, health of the workers, safety to the environment, and the price point that is great for our shoppers. We are right in the front of the shop, with the stunning blue door.


We are a small local business, recycling glass bottles to turn them into solar lights. Not only are our lights handmade, they are reusable energy, and made from all recycled metals and glass bottles. We do offer a wide selection of coasters, posters, records, vintage record players, and unique instruments to help our shoppers through their day. Our products are one of a kind, our booth stands out, and we enjoy creating different inventory each month, while re-using everyday products. Our booth is right in the beginning of the shop, check for our hanging sign.


Fleurish Home & Garden
Curated, stunning, and easily welcoming home décor and accessories fills our space. Not only do we put together an amazing display, but we make decorating your home or special place easy for you too. Our products are organized and can add to any cottage, farmhouse, beach, or French-country space. We specialize in hand-made linen prints. We have hundreds of designs, which we change up seasonally, and display them on all of our upcycled furnishings. We love sustainable furniture, and always finish our pieces to the T, with the best protection to last in your home for a lifetime. You can't miss our space, as we are the first booth when you walk into Shiplap & Chandeliers.


Ginger Bee
Our shop is an eclectic mix of beautiful vintage treasures, hand picked trinkets, and small gems from all around, as well as ornate pieces throughout. We are full of romance and elegance, and invite you into our special space. We have French bistro lights above our booth, shiny gems perfect for any occasion, accessories that are truly one of a kind, and somewhere comfy to sit down and browse through everything we have to offer. We are located across from the checkout desk, you can't miss us.


Bulldog Vintage Design 
(13) Bulldog Vintage Design | Facebook
We love bringing in the unique and colorful furniture, and breaking away from the neutral tones. Glaze, wax, and stencils all come in handy with every piece we refinish, although we really can create any piece a customer is looking for. Not only is furniture a passion of our brand, but we also have many handmade vases, décor accents, glass bottles, and everyday prints & artwork. Bulldog vintage was born with the love for our puppies, and we have expressed it through the love of our craft. We are located right across from the checkout station, and we can't wait to see you in Shiplap & Chandeliers.


Revamp With Rosie
If you are looking for custom furniture or the piece that stands out in your home, office, or business; you won't miss our refinished furniture throughout Shiplap & Chandeliers. We bring in over 3 pieces of inventory a week, all can be viewed throughout the shop. Light & bright, dark & moody, beachy, French provincial, or mid-century modern, we have you covered. We are always accepting custom orders, which can be placed through the checkout  area, or online form. Thanks for supporting us!


Lotus Flower Furniture
Treasures, trinkets, and one of a kind pieces that could warm any collectors heart. We have inventory throughout the whole shop, all which was carefully curated by us, to bring the best display pieces, home accessories, glassware, and décor. From wooden pieces, to hand carved boxes, to brass sculptures, and the most colorful glassware around. We also bring in a lot of sage, hand wrapped with florals, ready to create a peaceful place for our shoppers.


Ribbon Rock Designs
Dentist by trade and passion, collector and jewelry maker with even more passion. Our booth is filled with truly unique pieces, all put together and crafted for the individual ready to bring their spirit to the surface. Old jewelry elements combined to create wearable pieces, all made by a crafter with never ending mediums. A bit of romance, a bit of greenery, and a lot of treasure fills our space.


Runt of the Litter

Our store, “runt of the litter” is a mother/daughter owned vending space. It is in honor of our
dog Carly who crossed over the rainbow bridge in July 2021 and was indeed the runt of the litter.
We feature home decor and restored furniture. You will find serendipity in our warm eclectic

Instagram: HTTPS://


Momo & Shell

We are a unique duo of best friends, who came together to create a brand of jewelry, that is made from 100% genuine gemstones. Our bracelets are located around the desk area of the shop, and can not be missed. We have a style and size for everyone, earthy tones, ocean tones, and colorful gemstones for every outfit.

Melted by Michelle
Chocolates and treats. Find the perfect snack while you are shopping in our store. Whether a coconut flake covered pretzel, a rich & creamy malt ball, or Funky Chunky popcorn, we have your snack time covered for your shopping day.

Coni B Bags
After being in the retail and fashion industry for decades, owning our own shop, and being vendors in many shops, we have our craft down. A small handbag, a carry on bag, an over the shoulder bag, or just the perfect sidekick to hold all your treasures, we have the bag. Fabric, denim, and cloth bags in many different sizes are always available. We are always bringing in new inventory, and we just expanded our booth. You can't miss our shop.


Fenwick & Oliver

We are Don and Lisa, the creative team behind Fenwick & Oliver - a partnership that blends Don's love of woodworking, Lisa's love of interior design and "upcycling," and our mutual commitment to sustainable design practices. As a team, we produce handcrafted home décor pieces using premium reclaimed hardwoods (walnut, ash, cherry, beech and oak), as well as the occasional refurbished flea market find and restored vintage treasure. Our catalog of products continues to evolve and grow - and we happily take custom orders if you have something special in mind for your design space. The Fenwick & Oliver name is a nod to our location in the beautiful East Bay area of Rhode Island. Don's original woodshop began in his home (at Fenwick Road) and Lisa's first major project was the renovation of her home (on Oliver Street). Now we enjoy creating items to enhance the beauty of your home - and so appreciate your support of our small business.

Soul Spice Crystals (Out Of The Closet)

High Quality, Ethically Sourced, Hand Selected - Soul Spice Crystals elevate your soul and spice up your life with their vibrant, natural qualities. Our high vibrational crystals are the perfect tool for holding space for yourself or space for others. Whether you use them in your meditation practice, healing and self-care routines, or give them as a gift, crystals enhance the energy of your intention.

Instagram: @soulspicecrystals

Faceook @soulspicecrystals

Tiktok @soulspicecrystals


Made With Love By Shana 

I love creating unique jewelry from unexpected items. Some of my favorites to make include guitar pick earrings, doll shoe earrings, and LEGO earrings! You can find my designs in both OOTC (right by the registers) and in Shiplap & Chandeliers.


Follow me for giveaways, sales, and local events:

Instagram: @MadeWithLoveJewelry

TikTok: @MadeWithLoveJewelry

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